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The future is bright for agriculture globally and it is essential that we here in the UK can build on the expertise of our scientists and farmers to catalyse innovation across the industry. The Yorkshire Agricultural Society has an excellent track record of success in bringing science and farming together, and developing research and educational programmes to inform the wider society of the importance of agriculture to every aspect of our lives.

Realising the Potential

The Farmer-Scientist Network consists of professorial scientists with a track record of academic excellence and commitment to strategic research in subject areas related to agriculture and land-use; senior representatives from relevant governmental organisations; and farmers, spanning small and large successful businesses in the region, with entrepreneurial skills recognised by national awards and   strong personal commitments to the future success of British agriculture.

The Network advises the Society and through the Society, advises policy makers in the UK and beyond on issues such as farming practises, food security, sustainable productivity and the ways in which new science and technology can solve problems and underpin innovation in agriculture.

The aim of the Network is to work effectively with the crop and livestock sectors and interact with the supply chains linking producers to food and the many other benefits provided by agriculture.

Our goal is sustainable productivity, encouraging and supporting the changes that are urgently needed to bring innovation into farming.

We see these changes spanning the technologies, underpinning production and farming practises through to the mind-sets of the farmers, but also of the government agencies and private investors.

We will work to attract committed young people into a farming career with the prospects of real financial benefits and a real awareness of their self-worth and the worth of their profession.

We know young farming entrepreneurs, each highly successful and with boundless energy. We are working with these people to reach out to others to also realise their own potential and champion the change to optimism and opportunity.

Using the skills, experience and contacts of members of the Advisory Group, we are bringing together new networks and consortia combining the farming, business, research, and educational communities. We are already collaborating to identify opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial activities that can go forward to attract the co-investment needed to become competitive and successful realities in the market.

Farmers, industries and their supply chains to the consumers know the problems, barriers, issues and opportunities. Researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators can design solutions, create new ways of overcoming barriers and realise the potential of opportunities.

Together we can achieve sustainable success for the industry and for society.

Our Family

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